pushing the limits of machine perception

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our mission – pushing the limits of machine perception

iviso gathers a team of computer vision and machine learning experts developing machine perception software beyond the state of the art for the next generation smart machines.

We work in a variety of industries with a particular focus on smart robotics and automotive applications. Our core areas of expertise include 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Over the last years, iviso has gathered relevant industry experience and build up a technology stack which allows short time to market projects.

Whether you seek support for isolated perception problems or end to end solutions – iviso is the right partner for your ambitious projects!


  • consulting

    whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of a product development relying on perception software components and sensors, several assumptions and design choices need to be made upfront. We support our customer as an independent consultant on architectural design and platform selection, so your product development takes the right turn from the beginning!

  • machine perception

    based on cutomer requirements, we build full end to end machine perception software pipelines. our in depth understanding of sensor fusion, localisation and mapping and deep learning enables us to deliver high performance software components for machines allowing a digital representaion of the environment

    machine perception

  • SoC development

    we support our customers in developing and integrating machine perception end to end pipelines onto industry and automotive graded SoC’s. Our partners and customers value our understanding of the requirements of both worlds, machine perception and SoC development. We are able to enable real time performance of complex algorithms on the edge with high performance levels.


automotive machine perception

ADAS are proven to increase safety for all traffic participants. We have supported several automotive customers in the development of robust ADAS functions providing the basis information for decision making of assisting systems and ultimately avoiding accidents and or support the driver in the driving task.

AD end to end perception pipeline demand new approaches and architectures to cope with challenging real-world scenarios in urban environments. At IVISO we dedicate a strong team to the development of perception components for the automotive industry. In order to stay one step ahead of our competitors we continuously invest money and resources to research promising new perception approaches, on the sensor and software side, to enhance robustness and reliability of the perception.

industrial automation and smart robotics

logistics and industrial production deals with complex customers expectations and requirements which brings many challenges to the automatization and digitalization. Standard robotic solutions are developed to perform the same task with high repeatability in static scenarios and therefore cannot cope with the complexity of state-of-the-art production process. These new processes need new approaches. With the possibilities of advanced machine perception technologies such as AI and Computer vision we render your robots smart and increase reliability, flexibility and accuracy of your automated production and logistics.


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