camcalib - Calibration made easy



camcalib is focused on giving computer vision application developers time to focus on the application development. We provide an app, camcalib, that automates the tedious aspects of calibrating a single camera or multiple cameras, and we provide a SDK CalibSDK for developers to integrate high precision and repeatable calibration capabilities into their own applications. We are excited and looking forward to share multiple years of industry experience in high precision camera and sensor calibration to the community bundle in a signle and user friendly tool – camcalib which is powered by our calibration SDK.


Intrinsic & Extrinsic Calibration

Outstanding results achieving 0.02 pixel of end to end reprojection errors under optimal conditions

User Friendly

To simplify and accelerate the calibration process, our application tightly integrates the calibration operator into the calibration process by constantly giving the operator feedback.

Reliable Performance

Stable & repeatable results for industrial applications

Multiple Sensors

camcalib supports IMU, LIDAR & multi camera calibration