We accelerate the development and implementation of technological innovations. We love to discover new things and live technology with passion. Our corporate culture and comprehensive expertise enable us to develop and implement innovative solutions in a short time. In this way we support companies in developing the products of tomorrow.

Management Team


  • Curiosity

    The passion to discover new things drives us to constantly develop groundbreaking innovations.
  • Professionalism

    Without reliability, quality and meeting deadlines, solutions will remain mere ideas.
  • Single-mindedness

    We know that we have to „fall“ many times to develop an innovation. But our passion for our work gives us the energy and strength to „stand up“ again and again until the best solution is developed.
  • Open-mindedness

    We are open for new ideas, new perspectives, constructive criticism, challenges, mistakes, new employees, etc. That is why both our customers and our employees appreciate the cooperation.
  • Authenticity

    Corporate culture leads to authentic solutions.


During my time at the Vienna University of Technology I was able to observe the changes our world is experiencing due to digitalization at close quarters. I was particularly struck by the influence of digitization on large corporations: Shorter product life cycles, strong competitive pressure and disruptive technologies are major risk factors for established companies, and the pressure to innovate is high. Innovation is the basic prerequisite for remaining competitive.

It is therefore all the more surprising that the development and implementation of new technologies in large companies, as well as existing technologies into a new industry environment, takes a lot of time. This is where I wanted to start: My goal was to support large companies in the best possible way by rapidly developing and implementing smart software, machine vision and AI solutions in the innovation competition.

Iviso started as a one-person company in a small office. After a few months I was able to acquire the first major order and hire the first two employees. After only one year, the company already employed six people and was awarded two start-up prizes by the industry.

Iviso was able to build up a solid existing customer base and has developed into a reliable partner for innovation and progress. Iviso develops highly specialized solutions for its customers, the next step is to develop licensing models to make our know-how available to the broad market.

Nikolas Thorstensen
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