Positioning SDK


Tightly coupled sensor fusion provides precise, reliable and high-rate absolute position information by using several sensor modalities. This also includes areas with limited or no satellite visibility or missing road markings. The SDK framework is specifically designed to integrate with a large collection of sensors without high development costs. With our development team we are happy to support you from the planning phase to the final system integration.


  • Accuracy

    Our technology provides unseen accuracy < 10cm
  • Anywhere

    Our technology works indoors and outdoors where state of the art technologies fail
  • Scalable

    A scalable and easy to integrate software solution
  • Agnostic

    The SDK supports the widest range of sensors
  • Accessible

    Reliable localisation at an accessible price with affordable hardware to meet budget constraints
  • Algorithm

    Our algorithms rely on tightly coupled sensor fusion that outperforms industry grade positioning solutions