Our Mission

IVISO is an engineering company specialized in environment perception and modeling with very strong software skills. The company's highly trained scientists and engineers are passionate to enable autonomous interaction of robots within complex environments. We support our customers in developing fast, robust and reliable solutions that will enable new applications for autonomous systems.


IVISO is attending ECCV 2018 in Munich. Get in touch with us to learn about current opportunities!



We are dedicated to finding the solution which best meets your needs

Research and Feasibility

We are experts in sensor based environment perception. Our expertise and experience in a multitude of projects enables us to rapdily evaluate and find solutions to your problem.


Relying on our expertise and in house tools we build customized prototype's for your computer vision and robotics applications in a minimum amount of time.

Software Development

We support in software design and implementation on all major platforms. Code quality is ensured using modern software engineering tools, established testing techniques and continous integration.


Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving will change the mobility of tomorrow. For the automotive industry, we have developed real-time algorithms for camera and lidar based environment perception and localization.


We have developed our own navigation software framework for highly reliable localisation and navigation of drones in GPS denied evironments. This technology provides sub-centimeter localisation and mapping accuracy.


Today's production and manufacturing heavily relies on robots and automatisation. Our strong expertise in environment perception is enabeling the most advanced interactions of robots with their surroundings.


Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Software/Algorithm Engineer

Research Interns and Master Students