Retrofit Solution for Fleet Tracking

Case Study

Infrastructure free tracking of AGV and Forklifts

Increase forklift usage by up to 30%
Reduce vehicle costs by 90%
No infrastructure needed
Time to implement 0.5 days



Adding positional intelligence to an existing forklift fleet without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure modifications such as UWB is a recuring market requirement. Current market solutions are vendor specific and do not scale to mixed fleets.


IVISO has developed an integrated HW & SW solution that can be integrated into any forklift. The solution consists of a camera & a computing platform and is powered by the forklift’s energy system. The absolute position of the forklift fleet is computed onboard and communicated to a cloud service which aggregates the positions estimates for further analysis such as heat maps and forklift usage.


As result, the customer can increase forklift usage by up to 30% and reduce vehicle costs by 90%. Additional insights into the logistics processes are enabled and the data quality of the inventory can be increased and therefore leading the higher logistics efficiency.