High precision 3D Reconstruction

Case Study


Predictive maintenance helps to reduce downtimes and equipment failure and thus significantly reduce costs and increase safety and customer satisfaction. To perform predictive maintenance, one needs a digital copy of the factory’s production line. In this project a camera-based 3D measurement system is developed to obtain this data. Placing multiple cameras in front of the object of interest permits to accurately reconstruct dense 3D information.


Measuring the refractories thickness lining in steel laddles is a crucial step in increasing safety and enable better planning of repairs  The current process is based on a manual placement of a laser scanner at multiple positions in front of the laddle. This task is tedious, manual and error-prone.


IVISO proposed a vision based approach using off the shelf cameras to meet the budget constraints and enable a fast inline measurment process. The sensor system is mounted in the factory’s infrastructure and performs inline measurements to track the refractory’s life cycle.


Based on the newly developed measurement systems new insights into the lifecycle of refractories are now possible. This allows our customer better service for their customer and improves supply chain and logistics. On top new digital services can be established to improve customer experience.